2016 European Car of the Year finalists revealed

The finalists for the 2016 European Car of the Year award have been revealed and now there are only seven cars battling for the title.

Back in the summer, the complete list included a total of 40 vehicles, but now the list has been narrowed down to only seven contenders, as follows:

  •          Audi A4
  •          BMW 7-Series
  •          Jaguar XE
  •          Mazda MX-5
  •          Opel/Vauxhall Astra
  •          Skoda Superb
  •          Volvo XC90

It seems the jurists preferred models from the premium segment, but they also liked the Skoda Superb’s massive practicality. The Astra spent some time at the gym and lost quite a few pounds, while the new Miata went back to its roots to prove less is more.

The 7-Series is a technological tour de force, but it will have to battle with Volvo’s elegant XC90. The A4 might look overly familiar, but it’s better in just about every way inside and out. As for the XE, it’s an aluminum-intensive compact sedan shaping up to be a viable alternative to the segment’s German top players.

We were surprised to see the Toyota Mirai is not among the finalists, just like the Ferrari 488 GTB and the Tesla Model X. It will be interesting to see which of the remaining seven will claim the title. The winner will be announced at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show in early March.

As a reminder, the Volkswagen Passat took the title this year, while in 2014 the Peugeot 308 grabbed the award.

Out of the seven, which one would you pick?

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