According to EPA, Mazda records best fleet mileage in the US

According to EPA, Mazda records best fleet mileage in the US image

Mazda’s vehicles are the most fuel efficient ones in the US for the third year in a row, according to the EPA’s Light Duty Fuel Economy Trends report.

Mazda Motor Corporation has announced that the light duty fuel economy trends report, released by the US Environmental Protection Agency last week, lists the company as having the highest overall manufacturer adjusted fuel economy for the 2014 model year, thus receiving the first place ranking for the third year in a row. The EPA’s report summarizes fuel economy trends of vehicles sold in the USA on a model year basis, and ranks automakers by manufacturer adjusted fuel economy. The combined cycle for all 2014 Mazdas sold in the US was 29.4mpg (8.0 l/100km), an almost 5 percent improvement from the 2013 model year, with CO2 emissions of 302 g/mile (188 g/km), down 9 percent. In comparison, the overall averages for the US market were 24.3 mpg (9.7 l/100km) and 366 g/mile (227 g/km).

According to EPA, four manufacturers were closely grouped behind Mazda – Subaru, Hyundai, Honda, and Nissan – with adjusted fuel economy values between 27.0 and 27.6 mpg. Fiat-Chrysler had the lowest number of 20.8 mpg, followed by General Motors and Ford. BMW achieved the largest increase from 2013-2014 model year of 1.9 mpg, followed by Mazda at 1.3 mpg. For last year models cars only, Mazda and Toyota were the automakers with the highest adjusted fuel economy values of 31.8 and 30.8 mpg, respectively, while Fiat-Chrysler reported the lowest one of 23.8 mpg. For trucks only, Subaru is on the first spot with 27.5 mpg, while several manufacturers reported truck fuel economies between 19 and 20 mpg.

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