All-New Mazda MX-5 Analyzed On Scottish Roads

The Mazda MX-5 is always big news, especially when we are in the middle of an all-new generation being launched, whether you are a fan or not.

MT had the chance to drive a pre-production Japanese-spec 1.5-liltre version on Scottish roads, bringing us their first verdict on this modern automotive icon. Instead of resting on its throne, Mazda keeps working tirelessly to deliver the best possible handling balance out of its little roadster.

As Jonny Lieberman points out on the video below, the base 1.5-litre Miata weighs less than the original one, despite the fact that the new one has things like airbags, heated seats and actual rigidity, revealing the hard work Mazda has put into it in order to offer the best possible handling characteristics.

Many people will still complain about the lack of power or even question its performance-car status but the truth is that there is no other roadster with a similar character and price that can even look the new MX-5 in the eyes.

Enjoy the video.


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