Auto goodbye: cars we will no longer see in 2016

Auto goodbye: cars we will no longer see in 2016 image

With 2015 being close to ending, we’ve gathered a number of cars that will either stop being produced at the end of the year or starting 2016.

While car makers would rather witness slow sales than actually stop producing a vehicle, here’s some of the vehicles you will no longer be able to see or purchase anymore.

So, rest in peace soon to be gone more or less beauties:

Acura TL

Over the past year, the Acura TL model has not faced too well its other class competitors just like most of the Acura sedans out there. In 2015, Acura announced the end of this model with the launch of the new TLX. The new car from Acura has more premium features unlike the TL and it is better suited to fight with the German opponents.

Cadillac SRX

The midsize SUV from Cadillac will be replaced with a new car under the name of XT5. It will be similar to the SRX to a certain extent as this was one of the best 5-passanger luxury crossovers back in 2010. A replacement was much awaited.

Dodge Durango

While for most of these cars, there is a reason they’re getting the axe (such as poor sales and having been built only to deal with regulations), this one had us intrigued. The Dodge Durango has been recently redesigned, its sales are doing okay, and it is one of very few SUVs that Dodge has. Rumor has it that Durango might switch brands a turn into a new, three-row SUV for Jeep, but we’re going to have to wait and see if that’s true.

Honda Accord Crosstour

The latest hatchback from Honda had a high price, was too large and owned a small cargo space, which didn’t attract too many new registrations. The car was launched onto the market back in 2010 mostly to unpopular feedback, and we can only rank it above the discountinued Acura ZDX crossover, which was even pricier and more impractical.

Hyundai Equus

The model will be replaced by a new sedan named the G90, which will be the flagship of the new Genesis luxury brand from Hyundai. Why the cut? Despite having a lower price than its main competitor, the Mercedes S-class sedans, it only managed to sell ten times lower than its German enemy, with only 198 models in the U.S. back in November.

Infiniti Q40

The renamed version of the old G37 sport sedan, the Infiniti Q40 was kept as a cheaper alternative when the more advanced Q50 was launched last year. However, its purpose led to really low sales, with only 38 models off the showroom shelves this November.

Jaguar XK

Just like the F-Type model back in 1997, the Jaguar XK was the brand’s newest sports car and helped the carmaker with some legitimacy. But as 2014 brought on the sleek and hot F-Type, a massive shadow was cast over the XK. Jaguar has decided to cut the former popular XK from its lineup due to the success of the F-Type.

Land Rover Defender and LR2

The retro Defender is the oldest model for the brand, but despite being iconic for Land Rover, it does not comply with upcoming safety and emissions standards. It will probably be replaced by a new off-roader in 2018. On the other hand, the LR2 was just an unsuccessful attempt from the brand to make a small, fuel efficient and family-oriented SUV. The model has already been replaced by the Discovery Sport model, which is indeed more capable and more practical.

Lincoln MKS

The new Lincoln Continental will be the end of Lincoln’s MKS sedan. The car did not stand out in any way and had an impractical trunk, but most importantly, its sales went down 19.1% this year, making Lincoln decide once and for all to discontinue the model.

Mazda 5

Another problematic seller, the Crossover SUV from Mazda had room for six passengers. The Japanese carmaker is adding more SUVs to its lineup like the CX-3 and CX-9, which will bring in bigger profits than a compact minivan.

Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet

Nissan’s Murano model was well-equipped, sporty, with enough cargo room and an affordable price. However, the Murano CrossCabriolet did not have the cargo room, but marked the retractable roof option. It was a weird combination from the start and will soon not be found in dealerships.

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