BBR announces Super 200 tuning package for Mazda MX-5

After the success of its ‘Super 190’ tuning package for the Mazda MX-5, automotive performance specialist BBR has gone one better with the new ‘Super 200’ package. Available as a series of upgrades to 2.0-litre models of the MX-5, it boosts power significantly – from 160bhp in the stock car to a mighty 205bhp, or even up to 225bhp if you’re willing to let the tuners run wild.

As standard, the Super 200 upgrade ups power to 205bhp, and torque to 243Nm – a gain of 45bhp and 35Nm respectively. BBR says that the package also addresses a weakness of the 2.0-litre engine – unwillingness to rev. The company claims that the car will ‘excel above 5,500rpm, offering intense, exhilarating performance and response all the way to the 7,150rpm limiter.’

The upgrade consists of a new billet steel intake, upgraded valve springs and retainers, a cold air intake system and a bespoke stainless steel exhaust manifold. It also benefits from BBR’s own ‘StarChip’ ECU software package, which alters fuel, ignition and cam timing calibration. The end result is obvious – in BBR’s own tests the 7.3 0-60mph sprint of the standard MX-5 was reduced to just 5.7 seconds.

BBR says that the Super 200 upgrade retains all of Mazda’s original safety failsafes, but it does void the factory warranty. Customers can purchase 12 to 36 month extended warranties from BBR itself.

But that’s not all. Customers after even more performance can opt for the ‘Super 200+’ package, which upgrades the exhaust once again to offer a barnstorming 214bhp from the 2.0-litre engine. Still not enough? BBR can supply a gasflowed cylinder head, which ups power even further. The company says it’s recorded over 225bhp from this combination of components.

BBR offers a wide range of other components, especially suspension and brake kits, to those wanting to upgrade the rest of their MX-5. It could be pricey – the Super 200 kit alone is £2,795 excluding VAT, but is it worth it to bag the ultimate MX-5?

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