BBR’s ‘Super 225’ Pack Is A Final N/A Gift To The Mazda MX-5 NC

Famous MX-5 specialist BBR decided to offer one last, naturally aspirated tuning pack as a farewell gift to the NC generation of the open-top Mazda.

Following the successful ‘Super 200’, BBR presents the ‘Super 225’ upgrade kit which promises 225hp at 7900rpm and 175lb ft of torque (237Nm) at 4500rpm for the 2.0-litre version of the Mazda MX-5 NC, retaining at the same time the OEM Mazda ECU.

The full kit consists of a stainless steel 4 into 1 exhaust manifold, high performance intake and exhaust camshafts, 42mm shaftless AT power individual throttle bodies, bespoke AT Power / BBR curved inlet extensions, CNC machined 20mm alloy inlet ram pipes, MAP block assembly (enabling OEM Mazda MAP sensor installation), ramair foam air filter (Optional BBR airbox and replacement OEM intake for trackday use) and a BBR Engine breather system.

“Our primary objective with the Super 225 program was to retain as much of the original Mazda electronics system as possible, to cap costs at a realistic level for our enthusiast market and avoid the need for a motorsport style engine management system,” said BBR’s Neil Mckay.

BBR kept the stock ECU -but reprogrammed key parameters on it- allowing the use of the factory traction control and enabling an ‘excellent’ idle while the owner can still service his tuned car in any Mazda dealership worldwide.

The peak 225hp power figure is only half of the good news though as BBR claims over 150hp available from 4500rpm and more than 150lb ft of torque (203Nm) from 3200rpm, making the Super 225 MX-5 NC easier to drive, apart from …faster.

The ‘Super 225’ kit is priced at £3490 (about $5460) for the DIY guys out there and £4295 (about $6700) including installation, with the price for existing Super 200 MX-5s set at £2495 fitted.

Normally aspirated MX-5 fans rejoice.

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