Could Mazda turbocharge the new RX?

Mazda RX Vision Tokyo concept Photo 1

Mazda apparently toying with turbo rotary engine for future sports coupe

According to the folks at Motoring, Mazda is not only working on a new rotary based engine but it also plans to turbocharge the Wankel. In a with powertrain assistant manager Tetsushi Marutani, he said “Personally, I think that a rotary with some turbo or compressor would be good.”

Mazda hasn’t produced a rotary powerplant since the RX-8 ceased production in 2012, and it hasn’t done a forced induction version since the RX-7‘s death in 2002. With the RX-Vision concept that debuted in Tokyo last year, and talks of a turbocharged rotary, this could be the start of a new generation of RX.

Mazda hasn’t given word that a rotary, turbocharged or otherwise, will actually hit the road any time in the near future, but it did confirm that rotary engines are being developed. It just has to make a rotary compliant with the standards at hand, and still make enough power to not disappoint.

We’re hoping that the RX-Vision is actually a look into the future of Mazda RX coupes, and maybe the whole direction of Mazda sports cars, because that concept looked good. It’s great to see that insiders at Mazda and fans of the RX-7 want the same thing: a turbocharged rotary-powered coupe.

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