Fiat Expected To Launch 124 Coupe In 2017

A hardtopped variant of the Fiat 124 Spider could launch as early as next year according to a report from Autocar.

It is thought that Fiat has been spurred on by the success of the Mazda MX-5 based model and wants to create a dedicated coupe variant with higher performance capabilities. The creation of such a model will also help to distinguish the 124 further from its Mazda sibling and provide the Italian manufacturer with an even sportier model.

The world got its first taster of a Fiat 124 Coupe at March’s Geneva Motor Show when Abarth unveiled its rally-spec 124 with a fixed roof and racing livery. There’s a good chance that the production 124 Coupe will utilize a very similar roof design or potentially, adopt a slightly extended roofline which would result in a shorter decklid.

In either case, it seems probable that engines will differ depending on the market. Some are thought to be happy with the Spider’s entry-level 1.4-liter 138 hp engine while other markets are apparently pushing for the Abarth’s 178 hp engine to be the only available powertrain.

Whatever engine or engines the 124 Coupe receives, it can be expected to offer an even better driving experience than the convertible thanks to its strengthened chassis and likely adoption of new suspension.

Renderings via Theophilus Chin

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