Frankfurt LIVE: Mazda Koeru concept

Frankfurt LIVE: Mazda Koeru concept

Mazda’s Koeru concept debuted in Frankfurt Tuesday, giving us a few hints about the company’s crossover design direction.

The 21″ wheels and curvaceous roof line make the Koeru’s size deceptive, but the numbers don’t lie. With a wheelbase measuring 106 inches and change and an overall length of roughly 181 inches, the concept is most assuredly based on the production CX-5.

The similarities aren’t just dimensional. Inside, the Koeru sports a conventional 2+3 seating layout. Mazda was otherwise mum about the specifics, saying only that it would incorporate i-ACTIVSENSE and Mazda Connect–the Japanese automaker’s safety and entertainment suites, respectively.

What does this slicker, snazzier interpretation of a CX-5 mean for Mazda’s future product? Likely, what we’re seeing here is simply a preview of the evolution of Mazda’s overall CUV styling–a hint at what the new CX-9 will bring in Los Angeles, and perhaps a tease of an upcoming refresh to the CX-5 itself.

We know one thing for sure, though. It’s pretty.

Live photos by Ronan Glon.

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