Garage Italian Customs Italianizes Mazda MX-5 With One-Off Levanto

Garage Italian Customs, the company founded by Lapo Elkann, grandson of Gianni Agnelli, and heir apparent to the Fiat Group Empire, has crafted a one-off special based on the new Mazda MX-5 called the Levanto.

Named after a seaside township in northern Italy, the MX-5 Levanto is the brainchild of Elkann who says he was inspired by the 1966 surf documentary, “The Endless Summer”. GIC says the MX-5 Levanto crosses “the legendary aesthetic of the Californian beach boy with the sophisticated elegance typical of the Italian Riviera”.

What this translates into is a two-tone body blending a bright orange tone that seamlessly fades into an indigo shade at height of the waistline combined with a set of 17-inch wheels from Mazda’s own accessory lineup.

The interior of the one-off roadster gets a full dashboard trim, door panels and seats in Japanese denim upholstery, combined with Alcantara nautical blue for the center of the seats, steering wheel and lower center console, and upper door sections in the same chromatic duality of the exterior.

No changes were made to the Mazda MX-5’s powertrain.

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