Goodwood Festival Of Speed Monument Celebrates Mazda’s Racing Pedigree

Each year, a car manufacturer is honored with a wonderful and unique sculpture at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

This year’s event celebrates Mazda’s racing heritage with a 40-metre (131 feet), 120-ton monument showing two of its racers bursting into the sky on a twisting track.

The sculpture bears the signature of artist Gerry Judah and it’s made out of 418 steel beams, which are stacked at a different angle in order twist and curl into a spiral, thus making the entire ensemble resemble a DNA molecule.

A celebration of Mazda’s racing history, as the automobiles sitting at the peak of the carving – a 787B rotary and a full-size L55 Vision Gran Turismo – represent the past and the future of the Japanese car manufacturer.

The monument is inspired by Mazda’s Kodo design philosophy of strength, beauty and tension, as Judah managed to encapsulate its essence in a simple form, which expresses lightness and movement.

“Usually, the one thing you never do with steel is to twist it, so this year we had an impossible challenge to find a way of corkscrewing the entire structure, and we succeeded with an elegant and graceful system that shows of the elegance and grace of the cars themselves”, Gerry Judah stated.

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