Is A 1,600-HP Mazda RX-8 Enough?

Mazda RX-8

At the Tokyo Motor Show, Mazda dropped a bomb on the world’s press, a brand new concept that could detail the next RX sportscar. According to Mazda, it featured a front engine, rear-wheel drive setup, and manual transmission in the middle. Sounds like heaven.

It will also supposedly have a glorious rotary engine willing to absolutely scream as you push the accelerator higher and higher into the rev range. Yet, that’s the sum total knowledge we have on the RX successor.

Mazda RX-8 2

To satiate everyone’s desire for more rotary engine action (at least until Mazda officially says the company will build the RX-Vision) we can take solace in knowing the car above exists.

Using a three rotor setup, and supplemented by an additional three turbochargers, this “RX-8” makes well over 1,600 horsepower. It is, in all sense of the worse, absurd. The car weighs just 2,500 pounds, which combined with that staggering horsepower figure allows the RX-8 to break into a sub seven-second pass range.

However, the speed, horsepower, and drastically low weight aren’t this car’s party piece. That’s saved for its truly ludicrous noise. Rotary engines have a habit of sounding psychotic when you start pumping more and more horsepower into them. For example, the Mazda 787B LeMans car is perhaps the best sounding racecar of all time. This RX-8 however, takes the cake.

If you’re wearing headphones, I suggest turning the volume down a few notches, because on full blast, you will go deaf. It also shoots fire, which is always a plus. Let’s just hope the next Mazda rotary will shoot fire as well.


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