Japan’s Autoexe Has A Tuning Pack For New MX-5

While Mazda isn’t planning a more powerful, hard variant of the MX-5 anytime soon, the tuning biz is starting to prepare various upgrades for the roadster.

As always, we can rely on some good old-fashion tuners, but before we wait for the big boys to have a go at the little roadster, Autoexe – a Japanese tuning house – is more than happy to improve the MX-5 with decent upgrades to make it more dynamic

Nothing over the top, just a performance-oriented pack aimed to respect and follow the car’s core characteristics and philosophy: lightweight and fun to drive.

As it comes with JDM aftermarket bundles, the tuning pack offers lots and lots of simple (yet effective) goodies to make the MX-5 a better performer and a more sophisticated choice – even on the track.

The result is a straight to the point, beautifully engineered automobile, which has a variety of performance upgrades, including a Kajima-SPEC street sport suspension – developed after the “dynamic engineering” philosophy of Kajima Takao (one of the core engineers responsible for the of the NC generation).

Strut bar, floor cross bar, and a member brace frame are just some of the elements capable of stiffening and reinforcing the car’s chassis (making the Mazda more stable).

Engine-wise, an air-filter designed to reduce between 13% and 15% of air flow can be ordered, as well as a sports oil filter and a low-exhaust pressure, center dual muffler. The car is bound to get a small power gain after all the tweaks and tricks and the exhaust upgrade, but an accurate output isn’t provided yet.

It doesn’t look bad, either. With restyled front and rear aprons, a font under-spoiler, LED lights, a trunk spoiler and a diffuser, the thing is a stunner. Mind you, the Volk forged wheels do help with the car’s attitude and stance.

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