Kuhl Racing’s Mazda MX-5 Is As Crazy As You’d Expect

Japanese tuner Kuhl Racing has made a name for itself with its Nissan GT-R bodykits and most recently, its outlandish list of visual upgrades for the Toyota 86. Now, the company has shown off its kit for the 2016 Mazda MX-5 and as you’d expect, it’s outlandish to say the least.

At the front, the company’s kit is quite restrained and incorporates a new splitter but the bumper itself hasn’t been touched. The same however can’t be said of the bonnet which has been adorned in a bold paint design like something out of a different universe.

As for the sides of the popular Japanese sports car, they are dominated by the distinctive set of tightly-spoked aftermarket wheels as well as the lowered skirts sitting just an inch above the ground. While far from practical, the new skirts do complement the front splitter and give the MX-5 a real Japanese tuner car vibe.

The modifications are then completed at the rear with arguably the most eye-popping elements of the entire kit. Most significantly, there is a custom diffuser that’s been painted red and bolts onto the standard bumper. Complementing the diffuser are two prominent titanium tailpipes with blue tips. Completing the changes is the carbon fiber wing.

Although Kuhl’s MX-5 upgrades limit the vehicle’s practicality and everyday driveability, they will ensure any owner can fit in with the country’s insane neon-lit supercars.

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