Mazda Australia says MX-5 wait list could be longer than Ferrari’s 488 GTB

Mazda Australia told CarAdvice the waiting list for the new MX-5 could actually be longer than the one for Ferrari’s 488 GTB.

Right from the start we should mention that while Ferrari has actually received more than 430 orders so far for their 488 GTB, Mazda Australia marketing director Alastair Doak says they have “9623 strong expressions of interest”, so obviously it’s not the same thing. He referred to these people as willing to be “willfully bombarded with marketing and information about the car”, but once again, this does not automatically translate into an order. Doak mentioned this potential high demand could generate a waiting list “longer than [the] Ferrari 488.”

Mazda will allocate only 125 units per month in Australia for the new MX-5 in the following 12 months and the cars will be spread across all eight available versions depending on engine choice (1.5 or 2.0), gearbox (manual or automatic) and trim level (Roadster or Roadster GT). There are only six body hues to choose from and just two interior color themes, so there won’t be many customizations possible.

Speaking to Car Advice , Mazda Australia public relations specialist Tony Mee says they are not taking deposits for the new Miata, so they can’t specify an exact number of pre-orders. He went on to say those “strong expressions of interest” were generated through the MX-5’s microsite for Australia as well as via other methods.

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