Mazda Brings Lighter MX-5 Concepts to SEMA 2015

Even though the MX-5 is considered one of the lightest vehicles on sale today, the folks at Mazda have decided to shave a few more pounds from its roadster, putting its results on display at the 2015 SEMA Show.

These two concepts, named the Spyder Concept and Speeder Concept show off just how much weight is left to lose. The Spyder concept, recognizable by its “bikini-top.” The Spyder concept also features a unique Mercury Silver paint color, a carbon fiber aero kit, a grille intake, body toneau cover and a set of lightweight Yokohama ADVAN Racing RS II 17-inch wheels. Inside, the car is trimmed up in Spinneybeck “PRIMA” natural leather, which Mazda suggests lends a sense of vintage motoring.

2015 SEMA Auto Show Coverage

The more naked of the two concepts is the Speeder. It weighs in at 2,080 lbs, making it over 250 lbs lighter than the production MX-5. Of course, that’s mainly due to the lack of windows, drop-top and other “luxuries.” With its unique Ether Blue paint finish, you’ll also notice that the Speeder Concept wears custom 16-inch RAYS Extreme Gram Lights wheels. The MX-5 Speedster also includes an adjustable coilover suspension, which lowers it by 30mm compared with the production-car specifications. It also features a Racing Beat center-mounted exhaust, an Alacantara interior, and carbon fiber Mu-Len Delta seats created exclusively for MX-5, in addition to carbon fiber doors.

“Both MX-5 Spyder and MX-5 Speedster are uncompromising designs that highlight the core strengths of MX-5,” said Ken Saward, design manager, Mazda North American Operations. “The all-new 2016 MX-5 served as a blank canvas for our design team to create some truly one-of-a-kind cars, yet our SEMA concepts remain true to more than 25 years of MX-5 heritage.”

Be sure to check back for live photos and video of these two Mazda concepts.

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