Mazda considering turbocharged, Mazdaspeed-tuned Miata

Mazda considering turbocharged, Mazdaspeed-tuned Miata

Mazda has revealed that it’s open to the idea of launching additional variants of the new fourth-gen Miata.

A coupe has been ruled out once and for all for cost reasons, but executives told Australian magazine Motoring that the company is seriously looking into introducing a turbocharged model, a Mazdaspeed-tuned model or both.

If built, the Mazdaspeed-badged Miata will be more powerful, more driver-focused and much lighter than the regular-production model. What it will be powered by is up in the air, but Mazda has hinted that it could resort to a downsized turbocharged engine in order to keep weight in check.

“If we want more power because we don’t get satisfied with natural aspiration then we may think about the turbo,” revealed Nobuhiro Yamamoto, the Miata’s project manager.

The company is also debating whether to simply drop a turbocharged four-banger in the Miata’s engine bay without adding the go-fast Mazdaspeed goodies.

Mazda has plenty of time to make up its mind because the fourth-gen Miata will remain in production for about a decade and a more powerful version of it is believed to be at least a couple of years away. In the meantime, the company is busily developing a more expensive version of the Miata fitted with a retractable hard top, and it sounds like it could stand out from its soft top-equipped counterpart with a model-specific front fascia.

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