Mazda CX-3 Custom Style gets aggressive suspension, body kit

Mazda CX-3 Custom Style gets aggressive suspension, body kit

Mazda has revealed a pair of MX-5 roadsters geared towards enthusiasts ahead of their debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon in January.

The first is a soft-top version finished in Classic Red, one of the three paint colors offered at launch when the original Miata debuted in 1990. The color is a solid red, meaning no metallics or pearls mixed into the paint. It’s also lighter, without the hints of blues and purples found in Soul Red, the standard red currently offered and a trademark color for modern Mazdas. Beyond the color, no additional changes have been noted by the automaker.

The second is the RF Custom Style, based on the standard “retractable fastback” MX-5. In this case, the aggression levels on both the looks and suspension have been turned up a notch or two.

On the outside, it’s equipped with a new front, rear and side skirts for a racier look. Mazda also says that the interior receives an aluminum pedal set and swaths of Alcantara on the door panels, center console, and boots for the shifter and e-brake.

The suspension has been upgraded to be height-adjustable, likely with a coilover setup, while rigidity is increased with a strut tower brace and what Mazda is calling a “lower arm bar,” likely a thicker sway bar. A sport muffler tops off the package, but the company didn’t say whether that changed output figures.

Mazda did not release details, but it is likely that the Classic Red version is a one-off, while the RF Custom Style will be offered as a dealer upgrade in Japan. Unfortunately, there are no plans to bring either version to the US.

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