Mazda CX-4 Coupe Wants To Challenge Range Rover’s Evoque

Dropping the rear doors from Mazda‘s latest SUV has made it even sexier over the one that debuted in Beijing.

Less practical, too, but choosing a CX-4 instead of, say, a CX-5 means looks are higher on one’s priorities’ list anyway.

Whether it would actually trouble the Evoque Coupe is irrelevant, for it will remain a five-door, but this doesn’t make TheophilusChin’s work any less realistic.

Never mind the Coupe; Mazda says the CX-4 has been launched as a China-exclusive model. In the local market customers will have a choice of either a 2.0- or a 2.5-liter four, rated at 156 HP and 189 HP respectively, sent to all four corners through a 6-speed automatic gearbox.

A pity, for, unless Mazda execs reverse their decision in the future, the rest of the world will miss out on this nicely executed compact coupe-slash-crossover. Maybe next time, then.

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