Mazda CX-4 Or CX-6 Exposed Again In China

More images of Mazda’s coming CX-4 (or CX-6, the name is still to be revealed) ‘SUV coupe’ have surfaced, this time outside of the FAW-Mazda joint venture factory in China where the new model will be built for the Chinese market.

Like the first images, the second spy-capture includes a low grade vehicle, featuring small alloy wheels, while a higher grade car (shown in red) wears the 19-inch alloys of the high-grade CX-5 range.

Underpinnings and engines will be shared with the more practical CX-5, but the CX-4 wears a lower roof line, fastback tailgate, and blacked-out A-pillars for a more dramatic look.

Inside the CX-4 borrows Mazda’s current key design features, with the MZD Connect rotary controller and touchscreen infotainment system used across the Mazda range, and the same instrument cluster as seen in the Mazda3 and Mazda2.

A five-seat cabin, lower headroom, and a shrunken cargo bay compared to the CX-5 means the CX-4 will be offered as more of a fashion statement than an out-and-out family car, but Mazda’s seven-seat CX-9 arrives later this year to satisfy family buyers.

With an expected 4635mm length the CX-4 stretches 105mm further than the CX-5 from nose to tail, but sits atop the same 2700mm wheelbase.

The CX-4 won’t be any kind of performance icon either, with the CX-5’s existing 2.0 litre and 2.5 litre naturally aspirated SkyActiv engines expected to be found under the bonnet, with the CX-9’s torquer 2.5 litre turbo not a part of the product plan initially.

The CX-4 is expected to make its official public debut at either the Geneva Motor Show in March, or possibly the Beijing Auto Show in April, where Mazda will reveal more about the vehicle’s positioning between the CX-5 and CX-9.

Images: Car News China

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