Mazda CX-4 will debut in Beijing

Mazda CX-4 will debut in Beijing

Mazda announced Monday that its new CX-4 coupe/crossover will make its official debut at the Beijing Motor Show next month.

Based on the Koeru concept that debuted last year (pictured), the CX-4 is a sleeker, more athletic crossover (call it anything but a wagon, a la Subaru Outback) based on the CX-5 architecture.

Previously, Mazda officials have indicated that the CX-4 is supposed to fill a sportier role in the lineup than its mainstay CX-5. While we don’t expect the production version to veer too significantly from the concept, we expect it will be longer, lower and wider than its more conventional sibling.

What would really set it apart, however, would be the inclusion of Mazda’s new 2.5L SkyActiv turbo engine, the first application of which will be the new CX-9. Now that Mazda is officially committed to bringing turbocharger technology to its lineup of four-cylinder engines, we expect they will filter down to more models in the Japanese automaker’s lineup.

Could the CX-4 be next up, or will we get yet another surprise in New York? The rumors are already circulating. Stay tuned.

Live photos by Ronan Glon.

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