Mazda CX-4 will not be sold in Australia

Mazda CX-4 will not be sold in Australia

The all-new Mazda CX-4 will make its international debut in production guise at the 2016 Shanghai motor show – but it won’t be sold in Australia, CarAdvice can reveal.

We’ve already covered the Mazda Koeru concept and we’ve seen a number of images of the production version in China – see them here – and there is good reason we’ve only seen it there… because it won’t be sold anywhere else.

Mazda Australia has confirmed the car will not be sold outside of China for the time being.


“We like the look of the car, and think that the styling very much is in line with Australian tastes, at the moment it isn’t going to be sold outside of China,” said Karla Leach, Mazda Australia senior manager of public relations.

The teaser image of the new Mazda CX-4 clearly shows the car’s swoopier roofline, though we’re yet to see the full thing in all its glory.

A release from the company stated that the car is considered an “exploring coupe”, and, using translation software that clearly struggled, has been designed “to realise the running of men and horses on earth”.

Stay tuned for more.

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