Mazda Details 2016 CX-9’s Class-Exclusive LED Lighting

With high-tech LED lighting providing greater visibility and better light distribution, Mazda can proudly own up to having the only midsize three-row SUV with such a feature as standard.

In terms of efficiency, the new CX-9‘s low-beam headlights produce 900 lumens per unit, or about twice the output of a halogen headlight. This results in 35% more brightness compared to standard halogen, and about 10% more distance covered than with a comparable Xenon HID unit.

“From a design perspective, the LED lights allowed for a slim contouring of the lamps demonstrating the appropriate stealth attitude of the front fascia,” explained director of design Julien Montousse. “The LED connecting to our light-up ‘Signature Wing’ from the grille widens into a five-poing shield – a look that clearly signifies CX-9 as taking Mazda upmarket.”

Same principals apply for LED taillights which light up quicker than traditional halogen bulbs in emergency situations can may even help prevent rear-end collisions.

Additionally, LEDs run cooler than halogen or xenon headlights, which should lead to greater long-term durability.

“People could drive any ordinary crossover for years and never fall in love with it,” added Montousse. “With CX-9, we wanted to create more than just a family vehicle; we wanted to create an experience. Every time you get behind the wheel, from the Nappa leather and rosewood details to the white glow of its lighting, we wanted to make drivers and passengers feel special. I believe we succeeded.”

The 2016 Mazda CX-9 is currently on sale in the US starting from $31,520.

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