Mazda disables remote-start app, cites server problems

Mazda disables remote-start app, cites server problems

Mazda has encountered a bit of trouble with its remote-start app after just a few weeks of operation.

The company has disabled Mobile Start services for its iOS and Android apps until next week. A server problem is to blame, according to an e-mail distributed to owners and spotted by The Truth About Cars.

“We regret to inform you that, due to a system outage at our supplier’s data center, the MMS website and smartphone application are currently unavailable,” the notice says. “We anticipate full system recovery on September 2, 2015.”

The issue is said to have been caused by a power outage and did not result in the loss of customer data.

Security researchers recently demonstrated a vulnerability in General Motors’ OnStar RemoteLink service, allowing a hacker to remotely start the vehicle or unlock the doors. The bug was quickly fixed, though a similar vulnerability was allegedly observed in remote-start apps from BMW, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Mercedes-Benz. Mazda was not listed among the at-risk automakers, however, and the latest glitch appears to be unrelated to security problems.

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