Mazda Dresses Up Two MX-5s for Tokyo Auto Salon

Mazda will be displaying two unique MX-5s at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon, showing off some new custom parts and paints. 

The first model is the RF Custom Style, based on the new fastback model which was revealed earlier this year. To give it some fresh style, the car has a new front splitter and blacked-out side skirts. A ride-height adjustable suspension allows the car to sit lower, while a new strut tower brace and thicker sway bar should help it handle corners even better than the standard car. A sports exhaust completes the package.

The second MX-5, known as the Classic Red, is exactly what it sounds like, offering the exact same shade of red that was available on the first-generation 1990 MX-5. This car is only set apart by its color, but for the hardcore MX-5 Miata fan, the nostalgia alone should be attractive.

The 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon takes place on January 13-15.

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