Mazda Expected to Debut Miata Hardtop at New York Auto Show


The Mazda Miata has long time been a staple for open-top, affordable driving fun. But when the annual New York Auto Show rolls around on Friday, March 25, Mazda might be sealing up the roof with something a bit more secure: metal.

In a recent report by Autocar, which cites Mazda’s clever New York Auto Show invitation, the marque is alleged to be planning to “blow the lid off the New York Auto Show.” Without taking that out of context, we expect to see the Miata with a retractable hardtop roof, similar to the outgoing generation.


Apart from sporting a different look, the new roof mechanism is expected lighter and even easier to use than the one its replacing. Considering the hardtop version made up 52 percent of the outgoing MX-5’s sales, it needs to be.

We don’t expect to see much change under the hood—the 155-horsepower 2.0-liter engine should still be present. Question is: how will this new Miata look with a (partially) fixed roof rather than the conventional cloth top. Only time will tell.

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