Mazda hints MX-5 could eventually get a turbocharged engine

Mazda has dropped a few hints about the possibility of turbocharging the new MX-5.

In an interview with Motoring, MX-5’s program manager Nobuhiro Yamamoto said the current generation of the Miata will have a ten-year lifespan and because of its extended cycle it could get a turbocharged engine later on to spice things up. He admits a turbocharged engine is not his cup of tea since it adds weight and requires an intercooler while the reliability of the engine could become an issue.

He also said an MPS version is a possibility and would rather prefer keeping it naturally aspirated for the very same reasons mentioned above. His vision for an ideal MX-5 MPS is greater performance and power while retaining a naturally aspirated engine and the model’s highly appraised response which would be affected by the addition of a turbocharger.

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