Mazda Koeru Small Crossover Concept Revealed At Frankfurt

Mazda has released the first images of its Koeru Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show today, revealing a fast-backed SUV with the silhouette of a supersized Mazda3 and the ride height of a CX-9.

And while the teaser sketch released in the lead-up to the show had us thinking it may preview a Mazda3-sized, coupe-like CX-4 small crossover, the Koeru’s 4600mm length 1,900mm width and 2700mm wheelbase make it slightly bigger than the current CX-5.

So, is it a harbinger of a CX-7 revival then? Perhaps. It may even preview a a sportier design direction for the second-generation CX-5 that’s due around 2017, but the former scenario seems more likely.

Mazda hasn’t made any specific mention of powertrains or on-board technology for the Koeru’s Frankfurt debut, instead preferring to draw attention to its chiselled Kodo design language and animal-inspired proportions.

However, the company does say the Koeru’s body, suspension and chassis were designed with performance and driver satisfaction in mind, without sacrificing fuel efficiency.

Mazda also says the Koeru concept is “targeted at the progressively minded”, and that it “sends a clear message to the competition in this fast-growing and increasingly competitive vehicle segment”.

Couple those comments with the Japanese automaker’s promise that the Koeru concept “offers a glimpse into the future of the Mazda line-up”, and the company’s intent becomes clear: we will definitely be seeing more of this design in the not-too-distant future.

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