Mazda launches remote-start app for Mazda6, CX-5

Mazda launches remote-start app for Mazda6, CX-5

Mazda has launched a remote-start app for iOS and Android devices.

As the name implies, Mobile Start allows owners to start and stop their engine from anywhere with cellular connectivity. The vehicle will continue to idle for up to 30 minutes to help preheat or cool the interior, automatically engaging the last climate-control settings.

Aside from engine control, the app also allows owners to check the door-lock status and remotely lock or unlock the latches. A panic alarm can also be activated from the mobile interface.

Mazda takes advantage of smartphones’ camera and GPS to help located vehicles that may be lost in large parking areas, using built-in map features to navigate the owner back to their missing vehicle.

The Mobile Start feature is currently only available on the 2016 Mazda6 and CX-5, as a $500 upgrade for either model. The purchase includes a complimentary year of service, however annual renewal costs $65.

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