Mazda Launches Remote Start App

Mazda has released a new app which can operate a number of systems on the brand’s vehicles. 

Called Mazda Mobile Start, the app will allow you to start your vehicle remotely, check your door lock status and find your vehicle via GPS.

The remote start function works from virtually anywhere according to Mazda and will let you idle your car for up to 30 minutes. A timer will begin when you start the car, so you can track how long it has been running.

The door lock status feature will let you check your door locks, and lock or unlock them remotely if necessary. The panic alarm can also be activated through the app.

Finally, a vehicle finder will help owners locate their car in a large, open parking area.

Mazda Mobile Start is available for $500 and can be purchased and installed by a local Mazda dealer. The app is thrown in as a bonus for the first year, but will cost an annual $65 fee after that.

Currently, only the 2016 Mazda6 and 2016 CX-5 are compatible with the app, though Mazda expects to sync more models with the app this year.

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