Mazda MX-5 AWD possibility, exec says

An all-wheel-drive version of the Mazda MX-5 could happen in the future, according to a manager in the Japanese brand.

While the roadster is mostly known for being tail-happy and fun to drive, a new AWD variant definitely sounds like a good idea and Tetsushi Marutani, assistant manager for drivetrain and powertrain development at Mazda, recently commented this is a “possible” project.

Speaking to Car Advice at an event in Colorado, he said “there are many factors to consider first, especially that the car must deliver driving pleasure.” Asked for his opinion on the idea, Marutani declared “there is no doubt AWD is good,” but “2WD can be more economical and cheaper”. While “both have their strong points,” the way he sees it “the MX-5 is perfect with RWD.”

When asked about the next generation AWD system of Mazda, he declined to elaborate, saying only that “maybe within five years” we will see the next AWD technology. “We are working on new vehicles, obviously, and crossover vehicles have to be AWD, so that is something important.”

Currently, the MX-5 is available in the United States starting from $24,950, while in the United Kingdom it is priced from $26,672 (£18,495).

Note: Euro-spec Mazda MX-5 pictured.

Source: Car Advice

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