Mazda MX-5 Cup gets new gearbox, higher price

Mazda MX-5 Cup gets new gearbox, higher price

Mazda Motorsports has outlined a few significant changes for the new MX-5 Cup race car.

Unlike typical road-going cars, the Miata racer continued to receive development refinements after the first examples began to accumulate track time. The 100th example will be delivered later this week, already doubling the first-year goal of 50 units with a few months to spare.

A new motorsports-specific gearbox appears to be the most significant change to affect the fleet. Other improvements include race-spec engine brackets, differential bushing inserts, ECU hardware/software and a new fuel pump-out kit available as an option.

“To minimize the need for mid-season rebuilds, we have switched to a motorsports-specific gearbox. While it uses many of the stock components, it is a track-only part,” said MNAO motorsports director John Doonan. “Likewise we have redesigned the engine brackets to better withstand the constant high-speed pounding that is beyond anything seen on the road.”

The additional modifications are accompanied by a higher entry price, jumping by 11 percent to $58,900. Buyers who already purchased one of the first 108 units will have the opportunity to buy a new edition for previous $53,000 price tag.

Mazda and its development and production partner, Long Road Racing, require approximately four to six weeks to prep each car for the track.

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