Mazda Names Masahiro Moro As New North American Chief

Mazda has just named Masahiro Moro as the new president and chief executive of the automaker’s operations in North America.

Moro fills the void left by Jim O’Sullivan, the previous chief, who has announced his departure after 13 years at the top of the company. Currently, Moro acts as the head of Mazda’s global sales and marketing division but will relinquish that role and move to Southern California with his family to start his new role as chief of Mazda North American Operations from January 1.

Moro has been with the automaker since 1983 and beyond his current role for the marque’s sales and marketing division, he has acted as both the vice president of marketing and product planning in Europe as well as the director of Mazda’s operations in Australia.

O’Sullivan initially took control of Mazda in North America in 2003 having started his career in the automotive industry with Ford in 1976.

In a statement, O’Sullivan said “I have been very lucky that the car business has afforded me so many incredible experiences, and taught me so much. However, now is the right time for me to retire from Mazda. I’m proud of what my team has achieved, and I know that I leave Mazda in a better place than it was when I joined. I turn over the reins to Masa Moro, and will follow the company as it goes from success to success in the future.”

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