Mazda recalls 4.9 million older cars to fix potential fire risk

Mazda recalled a total of 4.9 million older vehicles to repair a potentially faulty ignition switch.

In a week which saw the recall of 6.5 million Toyota vehicles due to a window switch that could become a potential fire hazard, Mazda has also recalled 4.9 million vehicles worldwide to repair an ignition switch problem. In a New York Times story yesterday, the automaker announced the recall to repair hazardous ignition switches. The ignition switches can potentially overheat and cause fires.

The vehicles, built between 1989 and 1998, were manufactured using too much electrical grease to insulate contact points. Over time, the grease becomes carbonized, creating a pathway for electricity to flow. As the electricity flows between the contact points, the switch can heat, creating a potential fire hazard.

Of the 4.39 million vehicles, 1.36 million were sold in the United States. Mazda says it has had no reports of crashes or injuries here. Around the world, there have been 13 reported fires and no injuries. Dealers will begin replacing the switches in effected vehicles in December.

The vehicles recalled include:

• 1990-1996 323

• 1990-1996 Protégé

• 1993-1998 626

• 1993-1995 929

• 1993-1997 MX-6

• 1989 to 1998 MPV

• 1992-1993 MX-3

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