Mazda recalls B-Series trucks to replace Takata airbags

Mazda recalls B-Series trucks to replace Takata airbags

Mazda has launched another Takata recall campaign for older B-Series pickups from the 2004-2006 model years.

The trucks had already been recalled to replace the passenger-side airbag inflator, and now the driver-side inflator has been deemed potentially dangerous if it explodes with too much force in an accident.

The expansion may have been prompted by an apparent shrapnel death in a Ford Ranger from the same vintage. In Ford’s case, the Ranger had been recalled to replace the driver-side inflators in Florida, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and the US Virgin Islands, however the death occurred in South Carolina. The campaign was subsequently expanded to include all US states and territories.

“There have been no reports of accidents or injuries on the Mazda-badged vehicles subject to this recall,” Mazda said in a statement.

The B-Series campaign lists 19,000 vehicles sold in the US, Puerto Rico and Saipan. Mazda has so far recalled more than 440,000 driver-side airbag inflators and approximately 416,000 passenger-side components.

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