Mazda recalls CX-7 to prevent ball-joint failures

Mazda recalls CX-7 to prevent ball-joint failures

Mazda is preparing to repair more than 190,000 CX-7 crossovers from the 2007-2012 model years.

The company last year received a field report alleging ball joint separation at the front left lower control arm. The subsequent investigation determined that some vehicles may have been assembled with ball joints that fell short of the company’s durability expectations.

“Continuous use with looseness and abnormal noise at the front suspension lower ball joint fitting and without appropriate maintenance may lead to ball joint separation” the recall documents warn. “This results in significant loss of steering control and increases the safety risk.”

The campaign is being handled regionally, focusing on vehicles sold or registered in states known for higher levels of salt exposure.

Service technicians will replace both front lower control arms, rather than installing just the ball joint. Notices are expected to be sent by mid-October.

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  1. Wonder if Mazda will do wheel alignment when they replace the faulty suspension parts. They should. I had 2001 Nissan that was recalled for bad wheels, Nissan dealer (Coral Springs Nissan) replaced the wheels but did not balance the wheels. Who install tires w/o balancing them? I had to pay for wheel balancing myself.

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