Mazda reveals high-end showroom concept

Mazda reveals high-end showroom concept

Mazda has revealed its latest concept for showrooms of the future, taking inspiration from luxury brands.

The ‘Retail Evolution’ design centers around an open-concept floorplan with more glass than the current ‘Retail Revolution’ layout. The approach is geared for transparency, inviting customers to peek at dealership operations that are traditionally separated from the sales experience.

Architects and interior designers chose a simple color palette to achieve a more upscale appearance. The scheme features raw-material tones such as wood and metal, matching the new chrome Mazda signage.

Customers and family members will be able to relax in a new lounge, complete with Wi-Fi and charging stations for mobile devices. Digital displays will run continuous-motion content, in an attempt to reduce “stale imagery.”

The changes are consistent with a gradual shift in auto showrooms, as more brands attempt to mimic the laid-back experience of exclusive luxury brands. Lincoln has even developed a showroom fragrance that is pumped through the ventilation system, though Mazda has taken a more conservative approach.

Mazda of Everett in Seattle, Washington, is the first example of the Japanese automaker’s new showroom design.

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