Mazda Still Keen To Bring Diesels To U.S. Despite Lengthy Delay

Mazda has confirmed that it still intends to bring its diesel engines to the United States even though its effort has been some five years in the making.

The company began developing its current range of diesels in 2011 with the Skyactiv-D powertrains and originally intended to offer these engines across the U.S. However they’re still yet to arrive and according to Automotive News, are unlikely to hit local shores before Mazda’s second generation of Skyactiv systems arrive in 2019.

When asked if Mazda still intends to bring its diesel engines stateside, Mazda chief executive Masamichi Kogai said “We are not giving up. We have a timeline [for their U.S. launch].”

While Kogai failed to reveal what that timeline is, he said he wants to still be at the company’s helm when they do arrive.

Mazda has had difficulty in offering its diesel engines in the U.S. due to the country’s strict emissions regulations which significantly hamper the performance of the company’s diesels.

Kogai said that “Environmental performance must be compatible with driving dynamics,” suggesting that when these powerplants arrive, they’ll retain the same punchy quality as in other markets.

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