Mazda teases the CX-4 and we get to see it better than we expected

Mazda teases the CX-4 and we get to see it better than we expected image

The Japanese automaker has revealed more than we were hoping for when they released these new teaser images of the upcoming CX-4 crossover that is slated to enter the heating “crossover coupe” race.

While the crossover coupe segment so far has been more of a panache niche for the premium automakers – Honda was poorly unsuccessful in the States with its Crosstour attempt – here we have Mazda trying to break the bank for the mass-market carmakers. It has good reasoning to do so, as the crossover coupe bandwagon has been growing lately, with the BMW X4 joined during the recently concluded New York International Auto Show by the Mercedes GLC Coupe. Mazda is not willing to risk everything though – the new CX-4 will be produced locally in China and sold exclusively on the biggest auto market of the world. We’re hoping the model will also get an international release afterwards because if there’s one automaker that would do well in the sporty crossover coupe niche it’s sure to be Mazda with its elegant yet sporty styling.

What we can see from the teasers is the CX-4 will be sharing lots of bits and pieces with the CX-5, meaning there were few modifications to add other than the sloping roofline. The CX-4 also looks like a good student of the appealing Koeru concept revealed last year during the Frankfurt Motor Show. We can imagine the architecture will be borrowed from the CX-5 as well with added premium features to warrant the crossover coupe feeling: 19-inch wheels and LED headlights, head-up display and the latest iteration of the MZD infotainment system.

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