Mazda to unveil new Koeru concept

The Koeru will likely be a successor of the CX-9, allowing Mazda to continue to do well in the booming SUV and crossover segement.

Mazda Motor Corporation is set to unveil the new Koeru, a crossover/SUV concept vehicle, at the Frankfurt Motor Show which opens September 17 in an effort to continue to keep its line-up competitive in the booming market.

In a statement released today, Mazda said that the Koeru “aims to exceed existing category standards and stereotypes”. The Japanese word “Koeru” literally means to “exceed” or “go beyond” which is a fitting name when it is paired with the concept sketch of the vehicle. Sketches of concepts are typically contain exaggerated design features of what the actual vehicle may look like, but the vehicle will contain these elements to an extent. One of these is the sloping roofline from front to back which provides a sleek look to the crossover. This feature is part of a bigger overall feature.

“As the latest embodiment of Mazda’s Kodo-Soul of Motion design theme, Mazda aimed to impart the Koeru with the power and vitality of a wild animal while maintaining a sense of refined dignity.” the statement said.

In addition to these visual features, the Koeru will feature the latest Skyactiv technologies to ensure the car will have impressive gas milage without hurting the fun factor of piloting the vehicle.

A Car and Driver article provided insight on what all of these new features will be packaged together to create. The CX-9, Mazda’s current SUV is the next in line to be redesigned. Timed perfectly to what experts expect to be a redesign of the CX-9 next November, the Koeru could be the successor.

Although not confirmed by Mazda, Car and Driver did speculate that the Koeru could come with a 2.5 turbocharged four-liter like the one in the upcoming Mazdaspeed 3 hot hatchback. Although not as fast as the hot hatch due to the added weight, this feature could mean that the Koeru could very well be able to hold its own quite well in traffic and passing on the highway.

The SUV could be a way for Mazda for freshen up its lineup due to the booming demand for SUVs and crossovers. Companies not known for these types like Bentley and Rolls Royce are even documented researching the possibility of a potential crossover due to the large demand. Mazda already has models like the CX-9 in this segment but a redesign could make the vehicle even more attractive to potential buyers.

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