Mazda working on turbocharged rotary engine

Mazda working on turbocharged rotary engine

Mazda RX-Vision concept.

Mazda has been popular for its stand out use of rotary/Wankel engines on their RX- range of cars. The Japanese automaker no longer uses the engine, but its relationship with the rotary engine is far from over. The automaker is now preparing a new turbocharged version of the rotary engine, which may make it to production.

While the company hasn’t revealed official production plans for the new engine, Mazda’s recent rotary-powered concepts, case in point the Mazda’s RX-Vision, along with its research and development on future Wankel powertrains suggest a rotary engine revival.

Speaking to our sister publication Autocar UK, Mazda R&D division head, Kiyoshi Fujiwara confirmed several possibilities were under consideration for the Wankel engine’s return, including a hybrid powertrain and a turbocharged option.

The RX-Vision could make production in 2017, which would mark the 50th anniversary of Mazda’s first rotary-powered car, or 2018, which would be 40 years since the original RX-7 was launched.

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