Mazda6 ‘6X’ AWD SUV Wagon Rendered

Here’s a taste of how a Mazda6 all-wheel-drive SUV wagon might look, if the Japanese carmaker decided to build it.

Mazda already offers its midsized ‘6’ in Japan with all-wheel-drive in both sedan and wagon form with either a manual or automatic transmission, and has recently introduced AWD wagon models in Europe.

The AWD model is only available with a single spec diesel engine in Japan and a choice of two diesel engines in Europe.

But what if Mazda took its 6 wagon, jacked up the suspension a bit and added plastic protective cladding around the wheel arches and bumper to produce more of an SUV and less of an AWD street warrior?

Independent artist Theophilus Chin has rendered such a model (pictured, above and below), and called it the Mazda ‘6X’.

A 6X would be an interesting prospect for Mazda, and could attract buyers in some markets away from the Skoda Octavia Scout, Volkswagen Golf Alltrack and Subaru’s Outback and Forester models.

Convincing Australian buyers to give up their boxy SUVs might be a harder task, especially given the Mazda CX-5 is our best-selling SUV and the new smaller CX-3 is already proving to be a sales hit.

But Mazda Australia could decide to sell a 6X equivalent alongside Mazda’s other SUV models, if it had the chance.

The carmaker’s local marketing boss Alastair Doak told TMR earlier this year that Mazda isn’t looking to protect the sales figures of other models when speaking about CX-3 sales in relation to the Mazda2 and Mazda3.

“As long as it’s stealing from within the Mazda family, it doesn’t really matter,” Mr Doak said.

Mazda has made no announcement about a future Mazda6 AWD SUV model, but these renderings may give the carmaker something to think about.

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