Mazda6X Raised Wagon Study Begs The Question “What Are They Waiting For?”

Mazda could sell its 6 based on style alone, but it also happens to be efficient and fun to drive all in one.

All-wheel drive can be optionally fitted on the current model, so why haven’t they already raised the suspension, clad it in plastic then sold it at a premium?

Perhaps Mazda is more honest than its western rivals and it doesn’t want a car like that in its range, although that’s probably provably not true. The 6 is already at its first facelift and the automaker has announced nothing similar to a Subaru Outback based on it.

As Theophilus Chin demonstrates in his rendering (posted below), Mazda would not have to work hard to create what he calls the 6X. Even the name is good and suitable for it.

The styling is obviously not as pure as the original, but you could really take this car places fairly far from a paved road.

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Via Theophiluschin

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