Meet the Halloween Horror Car You Don’t Want to Own


Owning a car can be pretty a scary proposition sometimes. They can make terrifying noises, break down haphazardly, and haunt your pocketbook for years with an undying zombie-like hunger for more, erm…repairs. And this nightmarish contraption is the culmination of all those haunting habits. Meet the Halloween horror car.

UK company Warranty Direct created the monster by analyzing its reliability indexes and cobbling together all the highest fail-rate parts it observed, based on data covering 50,000 cars. The result is nicknamed the “H-0WL3R,” a play on the UK’s number plate system, and according to the company’s reliability score, it will break down once every other month and cost owners an average of £487 ($750) to repair. Ouch.

It’s truly a thing of horror and here’s what the company says it’s made of: a Mitsubishi Outlander engine, Mazda 5 suspension, Chevrolet Tacuma transmission, Lexus GS electrics, Mazda MX-5 brakes, Honda CR-V air-conditioning, and (double uh-oh) a Chevrolet Tacuma steering rack.


“This Halloween vehicle is the culmination of motorists’ nightmares, guaranteeing inconvenient and expensive breakdowns if it was ever to be built,” says David Gerrans, Managing Director of Warranty Direct.

“Thankfully it is fictional and can’t be found on the market, nonetheless, it does highlight the Achilles heel of different vehicles, some of which are generally reliable, but could cause a fright as a result of a rogue component.”

The UK company conducted the assessment last Halloween as well, culminating in the “HORRIFIC 40RR0R,” which feasted itself on owners’ wallets to the tune of £550 ($846) every other month. That car, pictured directly above, featured the engine from a BMW M5, suspension from an Audi RS6, transmission from a Jeep Grand Cherokee, electrics from a Mercedes-Benz R-class, the brakes of a Fiat Multipla, air-conditioning from a SEAT Alhambra, and steering rack from a Chrysler 300C.

Rest easy car shoppers, no one will bring these two Frankenstein creations to life anytime soon.

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