New JDM Mazda MX-5 RS Factory-Hardened With No Power Upgrades

Whenever a car manufacturer sticks some “RS” badges on a car, you know that’s going to be a hardcore, overpowered mean machine – unless they’re Mazda

Apparently, Mazda decided to spice-up the little MX-5 with lots of cool, performance-enhancement goodies, making it a little sharper in the process. Wait, don’t get too excited because these new mods are made only to improve the car’s handling and make it even more fun to drive.

So, knowing pretty well that “fun to drive” doesn’t mean “more power” in Mazda’s vision, don’t expect a more powerful MX-5 anytime soon. Still the new “RS” toughen model (only launched in Japan, by the way) is a perfect JDM-spec roadster that will make you drool.

It comes in the 1.5-litre variant, boasting the same 129 hp and 150 N·m (111 lb-ft) of torque power output, but it has new Bilstein dampers, larger brakes, a strut brace, and an induction sound enhancer (to make it sound meaner, probably). Mazda didn’t provide any performance figure, but although this new package will make the car handle well while cornering at high speed, it probably won’t make it accelerate faster than the standard model’s 8.3 second 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) time.

The model also features Alcantara/nappa leather Recaro heated seats, adaptive front lightning system, high beam control, lane departure warning system, blind spot monitoring system and a Bose sound system with 9 speakers – all this while keeping its weight down to 1040 kg (2292 lbs).

So, if you’re wondering how much this charming car costs, prepare to be amazed because it comes in at 3,196,800 yen (that’s $26,731)

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