New Mazda CX-4 Puts A Sexy Outfit On CX-5 For China

The new Mazda CX-4 compact crossover, or shall we say, compact crossover coupe, as carmakers like pointing out, has been revealed at the 2016 Beijing motor show.

It takes the more conventional looking CX-5 and embellishes it with a 175mm (6.9 in) lower and 78mm (3.1 in) longer body at 1,535mm (60.4 in) and 4,633mm (182.4 in) respectively, while retaining the same width at 1,840mm (72.4 in) and wheelbase at 2,700mm (106.3 in).

As you can see from these pictures from Chinese sites Auto163 and Auto Sina, the production CX-4’s looks remain close to Mazda’s Koeru Concept from 2015 featuring a sporty silhouette accented by a rakish roofline and a slanted rear window, with the Japanese brand’s familiar grille sticking out from the angular nose.

The crossover’s interior, on the other hand, is borrowed from the Mazda3 series almost in its entirety, with only a few changes made to the dashboard and center console like the replacement of the conventional handbrake with an electronic unit.

The CX-4 will be available in China with two gasoline engines, a 156hp 2.0-liter four, and a 189hp 2.5-liter four paired to a 6-speed automatic transmission and Mazda’s ‘Intelligent All-Wheel Drive’ system.

As it stands, the CX-4 will be a China-exclusive model, being initially produced and sold only in that country, though, Mazda officials have said that they’re evaluating other markets too for the near future.

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