New Mazda CX-4 teased again ahead of Beijing show unveil

Mazda CX-4 teaser 1

After we learned Mazda‘s new CX-4 will get the covers pulled off it at this month’s Beijing Motor Show, we’ve now seen some revealing teaser images of the coupe-SUV.

The teasers, publish by Mazda’s Japanese media department, show the design should be very similar to that of the Koeru concept we first saw at the Frankfurt show last year. We can see a more shapely profile, long bonnet and striking LED light design.

Mazda CX-4 teaser side

The CX-4 is a coupe SUV that’s designed to be a more style-focused stablemate to the successful CX-5. It sits on that car’s chassis and underpinnings, but will feature a more rakish rear roofline that is likely to compromise the amount of headroom available for back-seat passengers. Despite this, there is some speculation that CX-4 could feature a third row of pop-up seating allowing two children to sit beyond five adults.

Mazda has recent history of keeping the styling of its production models pretty close to that of the show cars, and the CX-4 looks like continuing that trend. Previous teasers have shown it gets the same muscular C-Pillar treatment as the Koeru.

Mazda CX-4 teaser light

Expect the CX-4 to be pitched closer to the CX-5 than to the CX-3, and to feature front- or four-wheel drive, and a mix of engines made up from Mazda’s SkyActiv range. They should include 2.2-litre diesels of various states of tune, although it is conceivable that Mazda could use this model to introduce more potent versions of the smaller 1.5-litre diesel that we’ve already seen in the CX-3 and 3. The CX-4 is also some way off; we wouldn’t expect sales to start until the first half of 2017.

Will the CX-4 be sold in Europe?

Speaking to Auto Express at the recent Geneva Motor Show, Kenichiro Saruwatari, vice-president, European research and development, said there were some hurdles to overcome if the CX-4 is to go on sale in Europe. And he suggested that it would be a much sportier SUV than what we have seen from Mazda so far. He said: “Currently we are introducing this vehicle to specific markets, not global. But of course, every market wants to have this vehicle.

Mazda Koeru SUV – front

“The car looks very sporty. Our products need to match customers’ expectation. The issue is how to meet this, otherwise it is very difficult to introduce the new vehicle. We need to think about it, so the total performance is matched to the expectation.

“Powertrain is one of the issues. People see the image of this vehicle as sporty, so the powertrain needs to generate more. But so far we [Mazda Europe] don’t have any powertrain to generate the big power.”

One option that the new CX-4 could potentially use is the 227bhp 2.5-litre turbo engine from the CX-9 SUV that was unveiled at the LA Motor Show last year. But even if it provides the punch that Mazda clearly believes the CX-4 needs to justify its sleek looks, there is still no guarantee that it will make Europe.

Saruwatari continued: “If we decide to introduce this vehicle globally, I think the requirement from each market is different, even though it is the same vehicle.” “The requirements in America, Europe and China are different. This takes time and workload to revise.”

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