Older Mazda CX-7s Recalled to Fix Steering Issue

Mazda is recalling 190,000 of its older CX-7 crossovers due to an issue that may result in a loss of steering control.

The affected units are from the 2007-2012 model years and according to the recall notice on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website, water may enter the front suspension ball joint fittings on the recalled models. “If the water is contaminated with salt, such as from driving on snowy roads that have been treated, the ball joint may corrode and separate from the lower control arm, resulting in a loss of steering control.”

The Japanese automaker will focus on affected units in cold weather U.S. states first. No reports of injuries or crashes related to the issue are known. Last year, Mazda issued a similar recall for its larger CX-9 from 2007-2014 for a similar issue. That recall affected about 193,000 units.

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