Report – Executive hints at Mazda MX-5 with all-wheel drive

Report – Executive hints at Mazda MX-5 with all-wheel drive image

According to one of the engineering managers of the Japanese brand, an all-wheel drive Mazda MX-5 is increasingly becoming a possibility.

We all know and revere the roadster for being affordable, reliable and utterly fun to drive thanks to its rear-wheel drive assembly – but we’re also giving the nod to a possible AWD variant that apparently sounds like a good idea to the company as well – if we go by the comments of Tetsushi Marutani, assistant manager for drivetrain and powertrain development at the automaker, who during a recent interview hinted at a “possible” all-wheel drive Mazda Mx-5 project. Talking to a publication during a recent event in Colorado, he commented “there are many factors to consider first, especially that the car must deliver driving pleasure.” His opinion on the idea was that “there is no doubt AWD is good,” though “2WD can be more economical and cheaper” and he also added “the MX-5 is perfect with RWD.”

He was also asked about the next generation AWD system, though he declined to go into specifics – mostly because he said the project would become reality “maybe within five years”, though he said the company was actively developing the technology alongside the work done on the new generation vehicles – adding that since they build crossovers and SUVs the all-wheel drive is integral of their development work. The current generation Mazda MX-5 can be had in the United States from $24,950, with pricing in the UK starting from 18,495 British pounds.

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