Report – Mazda could be using a turbo for the next rotary-engined RX

Report – Mazda could be using a turbo for the next rotary-engined RX image

The Japanese automaker seems intent on delivering another iteration of its pet project – the rotary engine – which should finds its way inside the upcoming revival of the RX-series sports car.

If the next RX will stay at least 90 percent true to the RX-Vision concept we’re surely looking at a winner – though hopefully the technology has also matured enough to give owners a satisfying experience on board the upcoming sports car. The RX-Vision concept introduced during the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show is as exciting as it can be and fans are already swarming around the idea of getting a new RX model – and now the company has dropped a hint that implicates the turbo technology meeting the upcoming rotary engine. Called the SKYACTIV-R rotary engine, the powerplant has not been detailed so far – which has reportedly changed thanks to drivetrain and powertrain assistant manager Tetsushi Marutani.

The manager seems to believe the new rotary engine needs more torque at lower speeds and thus a turbocharger would fit the bill immediately in terms of providing torque early in the rpm range. He refrained from actually bringing the technology up but that doesn’t mean the engineers aren’t considering it – and reports have been talking about a twin 800-cc (1.6-liter) displacement and more than 402 horsepower (300 kilowatts). The new RX sports car will most likely come out either next year when the brand celebrates 50 years of rotary engine or at the turn of the decade when Mazda will celebrate its own centenary.


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